(Disclaimer) I managed to arrive at Oblation Plaza, in front of Quezon Hall, just in time for the closing speeches.

Dozens of System staff were at the area and had accomplished the exercises being asked of them by drill organizers. UP System officials ended the short drill with some reminders: take advantage of a two-minute “corridor” during which people within buildings have to get out, and quick. Follow the “duck, cover, and crawl” procedure to avoid being hit by falling debris. And finally, given the expected large number of people who may be injured or killed in a feared major tremor, look after your own safety and avoid being injured. Chances are no rescue personnel may be at hand to assist you in your injuries, the organizers frankly said.

Meanwhile, two “Sikorsky-” (or is it Black Hawk?)shaped choppers whirled overhead, monitoring the drill in other parts of northern Metro Manila.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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